How We Serve You Best

At Display-Smart we care about the quality and affordability of our displays as much as you do. We put as much effort into the construction of each display as you put into your store, because we understand the importance of a store’s appearance; that’s why we';ve done our best to make our high-end displays as affordable as possible.


By having two plants on opposite ends of the United States, we are able to cut down on the cost of freight and shipping significantly. All cases ordered from the western half of the United States will be crafted by our west coast plant, while all cases ordered from the eastern half of the United States are constructed by our east coast plant; this ensures that no display has to travel more than half of the United States. Displays ordered internationally will be assigned to the closest corresponding plant according to your location.


Because each case ordered from Display-Smart is highly customized, our manufacturers start each display from scratch. They begin by choosing the wood of your choice; cutting the appropriate sized pieces; assembling all components of the display; crafting and installing any custom features such as pull-out decks, drawers, or mini LED side lights; staining or lacquering the wood; and adding a final coat of clear lacquer to ensure protection from dirt and preservation of color.


The pictures below give you a glimpse into the kind of work our manufacturers put into each case every day to provide you the perfect display for your store.

sanding      spraying      legs



       crated case