High-Security Handgun Case - Roll Door - 6 Foot Wide - 8 Pull Out Drawers. Holds 96+ Handguns


Product Code: HG6-8-RD

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Product Code: HG6-8-RD

Display Smart is pleased to announce that we have recently joined forces with DST to be an authorized distributor of their patented high-security gun fixtures and accessories. The patented construction of the cases provides extra security that deters would-be thieves. Some insurance companies are giving discounts on premiums due to the high-security provided by these cases. These high-security handgun cases have been specifically designed to save you time and potential damage to your guns by eliminating the need to transfer guns to a safe at night.


The security roll door slows potential thieves down or prevents them from getting into the case. The roll door is constructed of high-grade aluminum that was designed to withstand hurricane winds. It is difficult to smash, pry or cut through the roll door. All of the high-security handgun cases come with three manual locks on the roll door. Our custom security locks are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be copied by a thief. When opened the security roll door slides in a channel out of the way into a cavity under the case.


For security each drawer has a keyed lock. We also offer to add electronic locks to the drawers. The electronic lock adds an extra layer of security and convenience for store personnel. The manual locks on the drawers can be left unlocked while the electronic lock can be opened quickly by using a swipe card. The cards can be programmed for different personnel or departments. Included with the electronic lock system are locks for each drawer and heavy duty latches, 1 programming card, and 2 user cards.


Our high-security handgun cases are available in three different glass options.The standard option is 3/8 inch tempered glass on the top and front of the case. The first option of upgrading the security is the ½ inch thick security glass combination on the top and front of the cases. The 1/2 inch security barrier is composed of 1/4 inch tempered glass with a ¼ inch clear polycarbonate glass under it. This combination is almost impossible to penetrate. The second option for upgrading the security is to have a 1/4 inch armored laminated safety glass on the top and front of the case. This option includes two pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl in between, similar to what is used in automobile windshield glass.


Our cases have LED lights, one will be located at the front of the case and one at the back to light the full length of the case to highlight your product. We offer LED lights which are economical to run and are rated for up to 50,000 hours. LED lights emit little to no heat to eliminate the danger of being accidently burned by touching them in contrast to halogen and some fluorescent lights.


This case comes in different colors and wood grains. Please click WOOD GRAINS or SOLID COLORS to view the options we offer. We also offer an option to custom print a four-color image of your choice on the end panels. The graphic would be as durable as the other laminate on the case.

High-Security Handgun Case - Roll Door - 6 Foot Wide - 8 Pull Out Drawers. Holds 96+ Handguns is available for purchase in increments of 1


High-Security Handgun Case with Roll Door

Size 72" Wide x 30" Deep x 48" High
Material Wood, Steel, ¼” Tempered Glass, High-Security Polycarbonate Barrier Construction, or Laminated Armor Glass
Finish High-Pressure Laminate (Formica or Wilsonart) in Solid Colors or Woodgrains
Shelves Three Pull Out Drawers, 14", 14”, 18”, 22” Deep
Fully Assembled Yes
Capacity Holds 96 or more handguns

Three plunger locks on roll door track
Cam lock on each pull out drawer
Multiple keys provided
Optional Electronic Locks - 3 or 4 heavy duty locks & latches, 1 programming card, 2 user cards


Aluminum Security Roll Door

Shipping Display case is stretch wrapped with corner protectors and skidded for protection in transit. Shipped by truck fully assembled. Shipping Cost is an additional charge. Once your order is placed we will search for the best freight rate and contact you.

The Display Case is shipped fully assembled. For more options call us at 785.843.1869 or 888.843.1870 toll-free.

Remember to consider production time for highly customized cases: When calling ask for current production lead time. Production lead time will vary depending on the time of year. We will produce anywhere from one case and up to a full store.

*Additional charges pertain to customization.

Each of our cases is built with the highest standards in quality hardwoods, hardware, and glass.


For a full review of our quality standards, please read the General and Technical Information or Manufacturing pages. 


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