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How Do I Place An Order With You?

1. Choose the display case(s) of your liking for your retail store of home, and customize it to your exact needs.

2. Add all items to "My Cart" -- make sure to double check your order before proceeding! You will receive a quote for the case you requested.

3. Send a price request with our simple, minimal-step request process.

4. Expect to receive a quote within one to two business days.

5. We will send you an invoice if you would like to order after receiving your quote.

Expect to have your order shipped in 4-8 weeks after ordering. 

What Are My Payment Options?

You may charge your order on Visa, MasterCard, or other major credit cards or pay with a check. We will process the payment before shipping the order. Orders from Canada or Mexico will have a $25 processing fee and will be delayed two weeks until the payment clears. We can ship COD with most carriers.

For larger projects we are willing to work with financing companies. 

We've had many satisfied customers use Lease Corporation of America and Leaf Commerical Capital.

Click here to get a bid from Lease Corporation of America.

Click here to get a bid from Leaf Commerical Capital.

When Will My Order Ship?

4-8 weeks from the date of order depending upon the production load in the plant, number of units ordered, and types of custom requests.

Why Is My Quote A Different Price Than The Website?

Please note that not all customizations to your case have accounted for costs. The price of the case may change because of your modications made to the standard pre-designed case.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please verify prices with us when placing your order. Online catalog information is normally reliable, but is not meant as any guarantee or as a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Suitability of products for purposes used should be verified by the purchaser. If you have questions please ask. We are here to help you.

(This is the same answer we give in the Returns and Cancellations section for our damage policy.)

Do not sign for your shipment until you have inspected it for damage! Make the truck driver wait while you break down/open/inspect the items. If any item is clearly damaged, or if you have any doubt about possible damage, you MUST do the following:

  • 1. Note it clearly on the bill of lading before signing it
  • 2. Keep your copy of the bill of lading
  • 3. Contact us as soon as possible

If part or all of your shipment is damaged and you did not note this in any way on the bill of lading, we CANNOT guarantee any compensation for damages.



What About Freight Claims?


  1. Display Smart, LLC will not accept liability for damages caused during transit by a Common Carrier (truck). Our responsibility ends when the freight carrier picks up your merchandise from our locations. The customer must file a claim with the Common Carrier to be reimbursed for any damaged goods. INSPECT YOUR SHIPMENT FOR DAMAGES BEFORE SIGNING THE DELIVERY RECEIPT (bill of lading)!
  2. Customer must note any damage on the bill of lading as well as your own copy when accepting a shipment or the carrier will not assume responsibility for the damage and refuse to reimburse you for the damage. WE SUGGEST THAT THE CUSTOMER REFUSE ANY DAMAGED SHIPMENTS!
  3. Concealed damage must be reported within 48 hours of receipt to the common carrier. All cartons and packaging materials must be available for inspection and claims consideration – NO exceptions!
  4. Lift Gate Delivery: If you ordered lift gate delivery and it is delivered on a truck without a lift gate – REFUSE DELIVERY. Tell the driver that the shipment was ordered with lift gate delivery. Ask the driver to call the terminal and ask for the shipment to be rescheduled on a truck with a lift gate. Unfortunately once the unit is unloaded from the truck the freight company says you have accepted the freight under different terms and takes to further responsibility. If the unit needs to be moved again it will be at your expense.
  5. Customer is responsible for inspecting goods upon delivery for damage or shortage. Call to notify us of the damage within 48 hours so that we can arrange for UPS or FedEx to inspect the damage and have it returned. DO NOT throw away shipping boxes; UPS or FedEx will need to inspect these to process your claim.
  6. We want to use the best carriers available. In order to do so, we need to be notified if you have any problems, including damages, with your shipment. Please call us and let us know if you have any problems with the shipment you receive. We also need to know how well the carriers are doing in taking care of your claim. Again, please contact us and tell us how they are taking care of you. If you have problems with freight claims let us know and we will do our best to help.

What is lift gate service?

A lift gate is a motorized platform attached to the back of a truck's trailer that will physically lower your large and/or heavy items to the ground so you can take them inside your business or residence. Please keep in mind that the truck driver is not responsible for unloading the truck and will most likely not help you. For large pieces of equipment in particular, a lift gate is the only way you will be able to get your shipment safely off of the truck if you do not have a forklift and/or a delivery dock. If you wish to add a lift gate after your order has shipped, nearly all freight carriers will charge an additional fee on top of our $60 lift gate fee. To avoid this situation, your best bet is to order the lift gate when you place your order!

If you have any questions or are unsure of whether you should order a lift gate, please contact us and we will be glad to make a recommendation.

Lift Gate Service Example

Can I Return My Display Case?

Because all units are “customized” with your choice of wood, stain and finish we do not accept returns or cancellations after production has begun.

How Will I Receive My Case?

Please note that the motor freight delivering carrier is only responsible to move the shipment to the tailgate of their truck for delivering to a truck dock. It is up to the receiver to arrange removal from the truck to their building. You may however, for an additional charge, specify lift-gated delivery. Lift-gate delivery means the freight will be transferred to a smaller truck at the terminal with a "lift-gate" which will lower the product to the ground. Freight companies will not uncrate the product or carry it inside. We will give the freight company a phone number and contact supplied by you to give a "courtesy call" to notify you or your business that they are headed in your direction.

You may also request the carrier to call 24 hours before delivery at an additional charge so that you may arrange for help at the delivery site for unloading the shipment. 

The display cases(s) will be crated up on a skid. We will send uncrating instructions when the case ships. Most find that the uncrating process is not a struggle, however, the case(s) may be difficult to move into your store or residence. We would be glad to asist you in finding a local company to do an inside delivery of your case(s). 

How Am I Charged For Freight?

We will send you a freight quote for your approval before we process your order.
Merchandise is shipped the best way according to weight and size. Prices are F.O.B. point of manufacture.

Items shipped via UPS or FedEx are prepaid and freight will be included on your invoice.

Display-Smart does not set or control freight and shipping charges. Freight charges will be included in the invoice amount unless otherwise stated.

You may, for an additional charge, specify lift-gated delivery. Lift-gate delivery means the freight will be transferred to a smaller truck at the terminal with a "lift-gate" which will lower the product to the ground. 

Recently, an important change that the carriers have implemented is the “Non-Commercial Delivery Charge”. There will be at least a $50 additional charge for deliveries to private residences, apartments, mini-storage units, correction facilities, schools, churches, or other locations not generally recognized as commercial establishments.

How Will My Order Be Shipped?

Orders are shipped the most economical way possible. If you require special shipping methods, please let us know. Many items can be shipped from suppliers across the country depending upon your location. Most items are shipped FOB from Bend, OR, Kansas City, MO or Newport, NH. Residential deliveries will have a delivery surcharge imposed by the shipper delivering to you.

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