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  • 4 Types of Edge Materials Used on Fixtures

    Edge banded partsDifferent types of edge materials are used for showcases, display cases and store fixtures.  Below are some materials that are used depending upon the application.

    1.  PVC edgebanding: This comes in thicknesses of .02" (.5mm), 2mm, and up to .125" (3 mm). It is the most widely used edge treatment. It gets applied using an edgebander machine. This can be applied on both straight and rounded edges.   Edge banding can be printed in the same colors as laminates for a close match.

    2.  T-mold or T-mould: This comes in different thicknesses and shapes. The edge of the board is slotted and the product is pounded into place using an air hammer. This is a good application for boards with rounded corners. There is a limited amount of woodgrain colors and even solid colors compared to PVC edgebanding.

    3.  Self edge: Strips of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) get applied to the edge using an edgebander machine.

    4.  Post-formed edge: The laminate on the top surface is wrapped around the edge. It is used on most kitchen counter tops and higher-end desks and some retail work surfaces.  To be able to wrap the edges the laminate is thinner than regular High Pressure Laminate.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Plano (TX), Lincoln (NB), Henderson (NV), Fort Wayne (IN), Jersey City (NJ), Saint Petersburg (FL), Chula Vista (CA)

  • Wide Variety of Jewelry Display Cases

    Display-Smart can build Jewelry display cases in a variety of configurations:

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Case – Rectangle

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Case – Octagon

    Horizontal Jewelry Display Case with Storage - Rectangle

    Horizontal Jewelry Display Case with Storage – Octagon

    Horizontal Jewelry Display Case with straight legs

    Queen Anne Jewelry Display Case – Cordovan Cherry Stain

    Queen Anne Jewelry Display Case – Black

    Pedestal Jewelry Display Case – Square Glass on Glass

    Pedestal Jewelry Display Case – Mushroom style

    Any of our display cases can be stained with a custom stain to match your existing display cases and showcases.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities: Santa Ana (CA), Saint Louis (MO), Pittsburgh (PA), Corpus Christi (TX), Riverside (CA), Cincinnati (OH), Lexington (KY)

  • Glass Display Cases

    Showing your products is very important to attract people to buy your products. If you own a store or you are in need of something to use for showing your products we will offer you the best Glass Display Cases for your needs. Our designs will be ideal for jewelry, collectibles, art, clothing, eyewear  and other products that you may have. We have designs that vary accordingly making sure that you are able to find a display that is well suited for your need. With us you will also find the right price that you can afford. Glass display cases offer you clarity that will show your customers products that look beautiful and engaging.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Long Beach (CA), Kansas City (KS), Mesa (AZ), Virginia Beach (VA), Atlanta (GA), Colorado Springs (CO), Omaha (NB)

  • Jewelry Display Cases

    Jewelry Display CaseJewelry display cases are perfect for displaying beautiful jewelry collections. Many jewelry showcases have a certain charm unmatched by other store display showcases because they have classic tall bases that add that touch of class in a jewelry store. They can bring elegance to the most ordinary of offices, corridor, mall kiosk, jewelry store and museum or retail store. The right jewelry display case not only show off the beauty of a piece, but keeps it clean and secure as well. The display area of these jewelry display cases is right on top so it gives your customers a great view of your jewels. Browse around and choose the jewelry display case that fits your needs.

    If you want to impress the customers that are visiting your shop, you need to place your products in quality jewelry display cases. Displaycase-Smart is offering a variety of jewelry display cases that will add style and elegance to your store. You can check out the different jewelry showcases that we are offering in our online catalogue. Don't settle for less: it's possible to find affordable and high-quality jewelry display cases at Displaycase-Smart. Don't forget that the presentation of your products is the key to your success as a jeweler. The best way to achieve that is by placing your products in nice jewelry display cases with appropriate lighting, which will enhance the beauty of your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - San Diego (CA), Dallas (TX), San Jose (CA), Jacksonville (FL), Indianapololis (IN), San Francisco (CA), Austin (TX)

  • Display Cases and Showcase Display Company

    Display Cases - Display-Smart designs and manufactures a wide line of display cases and store fixtures that are not only attractive but built to last for years by craftsmen.

    We offer Pre-Designed Showcases SM for use in multiple retail, museum and business settings. Our display cases can be found in jewelry stores,optical retailers, museum gift shops, hospital gift shops, auto dealer showrooms, universities, government offices and homes of collectors. They can be seen in trade shows, exhibits and show rooms. Whatever your need we have a display showcase that will work for you.

    Browse our showcase galleries to see a variety of glass cabinets, wood display cabinets and glass showcases. Each gallery has multiple examples of showcase displays of different styles and designs; tower display cases , collectibles cases, jewelry display
    , horizontal showcases, cash wraps with showcases, black museum cases and counter top and wall display cases.

    Displaycase-Smart differs from other display case companies in that we focus on customizing our showcases to the look you want. We make it easy to have a unique look by giving you a choice of woods, finishes, lighting options and design changes. We offer security locks and the flexibility to add shelving or change the
    dimension of the display case. We finish your showcase with a hard, clear finish to help protect the surface for years to come.

    We consider each project important and will provide the same efficient and personal service whether it is small or large. You will get customer service from a staff member with years of experience in design, manufacturing and installation.

    It is our desire to help you any way we can. It is impossible to be all things to all people. If for some reason we are not able to help you we have a database of other companies that specialize in areas we don’t. We will be glad to share this information with you.

    If you are looking for a quality display showcase we know we can manufacture it for you any way you want. We stand behind our products and work hard to please our customers.
    Please give us a call toll free at (888) 843.1870.

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