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  • Double Deep Gun Case

    Firearm Retail Display



    This unique gun display case highlights your pistols and high end accessories at eye level with 360 degree viewing.  The LED lights make it easy to see the details on each of the items.  The tempered glass shelves let plenty of light through for each shelf.  The shelves are adjustable to give you flexibility to display items the way you want.

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  • Gun Store Display Cases

    At Display Smart, we build display cases and store fixtures for a variety of different retail industries including gun stores.
    The photos in this blog are cases built for Green Brier Gun Store in  Virginia.  The cases are built from solid Red Oak and veneer with a Red Mahogany stain.  The display decks are covered with a green fabric on a removable pad.  All of the glass shelving is adjustable for flexible merchandising.

    Gun Display Case
    All of our cases come standard with tempered glass and a metal security frame around the top glass panel.  Options include laminated safety glass, fabric covered deck, LED lighting, mirror, wood or clear glass sliding doors or pull out decks.

    Gun Store Cash Register Display

    The register (pictured above) is a custom designed case for the center of their island display cases. On the other side of the register locking drawers and sliding doors were provided for storage. If you are interested in a similar register click here and fill out our custom case design form.

    Display Cases for gun stores

    While designing the store layout, it was decided to create a center Island focal point.  This was a simple modification of our Pre-designed cases.  The center island gives a 360 degree shopping experience in the middle of the store and functions as a main kiosk area.
    Classic Extra Vision Cases were used around the perimeter of the store.  Several two sided Slatwall Gondolas held accessory products displayed on peg hooks.

    Gondola display cases for gun stores

    Our Extra Vision cases have 2, adjustable 1/4" glass shelves 12" and 14" deep, for plenty of product display area. The cases are lockable with plunger locks in the sliding door track.

    display cases for gun stores

    Wall Gun Racks

    These wall gun racks hold a large quantity of rifles within easy access of store personnel.  Below the counter is plenty of heavy duty shelving to store ammunition.

    Gun Store Floor Plan


    The store layout is where we start before production of the display cases begin. The Store Layout Design is an essential process in beginning purchasing display cases for gun stores.

    Send us a floor plan of your store, we can add, subtract, rearrange, design new custom cases and provide a 3D preview of your store.

    Give us a call to discuss what you would like to do to to merchandise your product.  We would be glad to share fixture costs and options so you can develop a fixture budget.  Our goal is to help make the process to fixture your store as easy as possible.  We look forward to discussing the options with you.

  • Display Cases for Schools

    School or University Trophy and Award ShowcaseSchools have many different things to display. Students win academic awards, sports trophies, and other miscellaneous things. It is encouragement to students to see their school’s success in awards and prizes.

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  • Display Cases for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Cannabis Shops

    cannabis display casesIt's an interesting circumstance we are encountering here at Display Smart. With the laws changing in regards to marijuana, new retail cannabis stores and medical marijuana dispensaries are establishing and we are branching out and building display cases for these unique businesses.

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  • Display Cases For Gun Stores

    Gun Merchandise Case

    While many of our customers and clients are jewelry businesses, we also serve other retailers.

    We have been designing and building display cases for gun stores for several years. We have designed several cases specifically for displaying handguns, rifles, optics, suppressors,  safety gear, body armor, cleaning supplies and other accessories.   Our displays work well for gun retailers because of the security and quality we build into our cases.  We also offer several special features for gun stores with our designs.

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  • Essential Components Of A Secure Display Case

    Secure Display Case Showcasing Artifacts

    Whether the display case is housing personal collections, museum artifacts, or precious jewelry it is important that the case is secure from pilferage.  There are different means to accomplish this.

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  • How Changing The Legs Of Display Cases Changes The Style

    Panel Display Case Legs

    What helps define the style of a display case? You might be surprised but the legs of a display case really define the look and style probably more than any other part of the case.  You may also be surprised that some of our display case have the same display areas, however, when the legs are changed you have a totally different looking display.  Just for fun I’ll show you an example.

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  • Understanding Display Case LED Lighting Terminology

    Display Case Gantry LightLED light technology is rapidly changing.   It is changing how we light our world with brighter and more economical ways.   This includes display cases.  I’ve put together some terms and a little bit of technology to help you understand what is available today in display case lighting.

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  • Understanding Display Case Glass Terminology

    Custom Queen Anne Display Case - The Old Christmas Station (1)When purchasing a display case it is important to know if the glass in the case is going to meet your display needs.  There are several different types of glass.  For your safety it is important to know what type of glass is used in the display cases you will be purchasing whether it be a horizontal counter display, tower, pedestal or wall mounted case.

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  • Different Industries For Which We Design and Custom Build Display Cases

    Library Display CaseAlmost on a daily basis we are called by individuals or companies inquiring about the display case designs we offer on our website.  It is interesting the number of ways our cases are used and in what settings.  Here are some of the Industries or categories we have built display cases for.  I am sure as time goes on we will be adding more and more categories.

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  • Understanding Viewing Area Terminology of Display Cases

    Glass Viewing Areas of Display CasesEach industry has their own vocabulary with different terminologies.  Unfortunately, people just assume you instinctively know said vocabulary which isn’t always the case.  We often use specific terms to identify viewing areas of display cases that most customers aren't familiar with.

    Let me help you by defining these terms.   Let me clarify that even within an industry certain companies may use similar or different terms.  However, the following terms are generally used by most display case manufacturers or distributors.

    Despite the style of display, (Queen Anne, Classic, Contemporary,Tapered Leg, etc.)  the term relates to the height of glass viewing area.

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  • What Makes Display Smart's Jewelry Showcases Unique

    Jewelry Display Cases for SaleSo many customers ask if we have a storefront to view the cases. Unfortunately, we don't. We don't because we build all of our cases to order. We do, however, have images on our product pages. Either images from the manufacturing plant or 3D drawings we designed.

    We all know that the small details make all the difference in quality and unfortunately they are hard to see in images online. Keep reading and we will gladly share why our display cases are of great quality!

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  • How To Receive And Uncrate Your Display Case Shipment

    Uncrating Jewelry Display Case GraphicWhile some of our customers receive large shipments via their truck dock with no troubles, you may be of our many other customers such as a boutique or small jewelry store that rarely receive large shipments. In that case, you may need some preparation help.

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  • Different Types and Styles of Display Cases to Fit Your Retail Store

    Custom Queen Anne Display Case - The Old Christmas Station (4)Our display cases come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. You may find it hard deciding which display case is right for your retail store.
    Don't fret! We've created a list of our different types of display cases and what they have to offer you. Perhaps this is helpful in your decision on purchasing the right display.

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  • How to Display Awards

    Executive Award and Trophy Display CaseWhen deciding how to display a hard-earned award, one must think of it's display setting. The quality of the case must reflect the quality of work that earned the reward.  One is proud of their accomplishments, one must proudly display them as well.

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  • White Jewelry Showcases with Tapered Legs

    White Jewelry Display CaseIn Portland, Maine there is a gallery you should stop and see.

    It is beautifully laid out with artwork, jewelry and gift ware. The atmosphere is bright and cheery. They had us build for them a 60” and 72” wide, White Jewelry Vision display case with clear sliding doors.

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  • 5 Things to consider in choosing the right display case

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