Display Cases

  • Collector's Case with Storage

    If you want to display dolls or action figures, minerals or model trains, the collector’s wall case with storage gives you the opportunity to do that magnificently. This wall display case is finished on all sides as a standard feature and comes with adjustable tempered glass shelves that allow you to rearrange or comfortably fit the entire product for one particular display in this collector’s wall case with ease.

    The dimensions of this case are 48” wide x 17” deep x 75” inches high. The storage in this wall display case enables you to store and protect product so that you can easily display some customer favorites or special items on sale.

    As with all of the other cases at Display- Smart, customization options include your choice of lighting, wood, stain, and finish with this wall case.

    Display-Smart ships cases nationwide including to the following cities:  Pumphrey MD, Dickson CA, Hosston LA, Fruitvale CO, Groveton VA

  • Queen Anne Jewelry Glass on Glass Case

    This Queen Anne wood glass on glass display case can elegantly display jewelry, ceramic figurines, or small antiques beautifully.

    Dimensions are 48” high x 22” deep and 40” high. This Queen Anne display case features sliding mirror doors with a lock that can reflect the attractiveness of whatever product is displayed inside and the glass top allows intricate detail to be displayed in a gorgeous way. Halogen, fluorescent, or LED lighting with a laminated deck can further highlight unique or special contents. A black fabric pad or a white wood deck can add greater contrast to your product. Queen Anne legs are 24.5” high. There is a 5.25” band and a full 9” high display area. This Queen Anne style case is available in Maple, Walnut and Poplar.

    Additional ball and claw feet can be added for an additional cost. As with all of the display cases at Display-Smart, this stylish Queen Anne style case can be customized with your choice of stain and lacquer finish. Our finishes page will explain those choices in more detail.

    Display-Smart ships cases nationwide including to the following cities: Shadyside MD, Albany CA, Belcher LA, Applewood CO, Bluefield, VA.

  • Classic Octagon Jewelry Vision Pedestal Display Case

    When you have an extra special collection of jewelry to display, such as a gorgeous necklace that has matching earrings and a ring, the jewelry pedestal display case can be used to set the collection apart from the rest of your store.

    The dimensions of this pedestal display case are 35” wide x 35” deep x 45” high. This jewelry display case has a viewing angle of 360 degrees, which means no detail of the product can be missed. Lighting options can include fluorescent lights or LED lights and the lights come as two mini lights on two sides for a total of four lights. Two doors allow for easy access to the product as well.

    This classic octagon jewelry vision pedestal display case allows you to highlight a particular product that might be seasonal, on sale, or otherwise special. This pedestal case comes in a variety of woods, stains, and finishes to match the current look of your store.

    Display-Smart ships nationwide including to the following cities: Ocean City MD, Claremont CA, Fisher LA, Empire CO, Exmore, VA.

  • Sit Down Jewelry Display Cases

    The gift of jewelry often marks a special occasion, and that memory can last a lifetime. Our sit down jewelry display cases allow you to more comfortably serve the customer who might take a little more time picking out the perfect piece for them.  With a height of 38” and a depth of 22”, this long wooden display case is available in widths of 48”, 60” and 72”.  The storage is 28” high.

    Options for lighting include your choice of fluorescent and LED bulbs.  Sliding glass doors make your product easily accessible, and the keyed security lock adds to the security of both your product and your store.  Like all of the wooden display cases available at Display-smart.com, this case can be customized in terms of wood and stain.  No matter what look you choose, all cases are finished with a clear coat of as a standard feature (with no additional cost) which will help to protect the surface for years to come.

    Display-Smart ships cases nationwide including to the following cities:  Bonnersferry, ID, Femdale, MI Hawthorne NV, Bunkerfill OR, Bryson TX.

  • 60” Octagon Jewelry Display Case

    Elegant watches can be timeless and cherished for years to come. Our 60” Octagon Jewelry Showcase can showcase a classic collection of watches beautifully. The octagonal designed jewelry case can add to both the style and elegance of your store.

    Lighting for this octagonal wooden display case is available in fluorescent or LED. This octagon jewelry case features a sliding glass keyed security lock with metal runners to make your product both easily accessible and secure. Dimensions are 60” wide x 22” deep x 40” high. Storage is 28” high and can accommodate a wide variety of product. This unique display case comes with black deck pads which can add a considerable contrast to whatever is exhibited inside.

    As with several models of our display cases, this octagonal display case is available in both a contemporary and a classic design. The Contemporary design has a toe kick while the classic design has crown molding with no toe kick.

    This display jewelry case along with all of our other cases can be customized in terms of wood, stain, and finish to completely fit your individual needs.

    Display-Smart ships cases nationwide including the following cities:  Castleford ID, Hopkins MI,  Portland TX, Bend OR, Mcgill NV

  • Contemporary Full Vision Combo Cash Wrap

    Whether a deli offering a selection freshly baked bread, a museum gift shop promoting keepsakes from the latest exhibit, or a retail store that carries the latest styles in fashion, the Contemporary Full Vision Combo Cash Wrap is a perfect way to assist a customer with those last minute buys.  This sturdy register stand display case combination is 60” wide, 22” deep, and 40”high, and is available with full vision, half vision or jewelry vision display case areas.  The register stand area is 24” wide.

    Lighting options include LED, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs, allowing you to illuminate particular products that invite special attention.  As with all the display cases at Display-Smart, this wooden cash wrap can be customized with your choice of wood, stain, and finish to match the current look of your store or to create that new  look you can currently only imagine.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities:  Winston-Salem NC, Burns TN, Centerton AR, Colony AL, Maumee OH

  • Classic Half Octagon Flatback Tower Display Case

    When you have a boutique or a bridal shop, there are often items such as veils, jewelry, and bridal shoes to display that are both intricate in detail and delicate in design. This Classic Half Octagon Flatback Tower Display Case with a front door would be ideal for displaying bridal veils or headpieces in a way that showcases their uniqueness while protecting their intricate features. The front door allows for an easy change of display without as much concern over the fragility of the product.

    This wooden octagon display tower is 36” wide, 17” deep, and 72” high.  There are a variety of options for lighting which include halogen, florescent, or LED. This wooden stretch display tower can also come with or without puck lights and side lights. Four adjustable glass shelves can accommodate and display a wide variety of product. The back can be either mirrored or glass and the deck can be a dramatic black material base pad or a hardwood base.

    As with all our display cases at Display-Smart, this octagonal display case is available in an assortment of woods, stains, and finishes to best meet your needs. Check out our finishes page to see examples of each option.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Butte MT, Burns WY, Kiel WI, Wyatt MO, Graf IA

  • Queen Anne Jewelry Vision Pedestal

    Almost everyone collects something that they enjoy and some choose to protect those collections in a way that enhances their appearance. Using a pedestal display case is a way to achieve that. The Queen Anne Jewelry Vision Pedestal is an ideal square display case to display autographed baseballs, basketball trophies, military medals, or antique coins.

    This pedestal display case is 16” wide x 16” deep x 40” high. Its elegance would be an attractive addition to any home or office as well as add style and sophistication to any store. The regal curves and subtle beauty of the Queen Anne legs add a nice detail to the case that only patient onlookers would notice. This square wood and glass display case is available with the option of fluorescent or LED lights. As with all our Queen Anne display cases, this compact display case comes in Pine, Maple, Red Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, or Walnut. A variety of finishes are also available to match the existing look of your store or to create a new look. Additional ball and claw feet may be added.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities:  Beaver Creek OH, Evanston WY, Caldwell ID, Sitka AK, Bullhead City AZ.

  • Contemporary Jewelry Showcase with Tapered Legs

    Our Contemporary Jewelry Showcase with Tapered Legs offer the opportunity to serve your customers in comfort while they take the time they need to find exactly what they are looking for. The beauty of the pieces highlighted in this sit down display case will be enhanced by the sleek style and chic elegance of the tapered legs, which will add to the attractiveness of your store.

    This sit down jewelry display case can come with a black or white inner deck, which can add drama and dimension to your product.  A mirrored or clear glass door can be helpful in bringing out detail of a particular piece. This jewelry display case comes with a security lock to ensure protection and quality of your displayed product.  Dimensions are 40” high, 22” deep, and come in available widths of 48”, 60”, and 72”. The 9” high display area allows for displaying jewelry of all shapes and sizes.  LED or florescent lights are available. The bench is sold separately and is constructed of heavy duty black leatherette over professional grade seating foam.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities:  Baltimore MD, Denver CO, Nashville TN, Louisville KY, Oklahoma City OK

  • Display Case Manufacturer

    Display-Smart has over 35 years of experience in this industry. You should feel comfortable in this when contacting them about a display that has your interest.

    Specifically, Display-Smart offers jewelry displays, black and white displays, tower and wall cases, Queen Anne displays, pedestal display cases, cash wraps, tower display cases, horizontal display cases, and countertop displays. Whatever you are looking for can be found here at Displaycase-Smart.

    Our Customer Reviews page is a great way to see how we have been doing. This page shows comments from recent customers along with a picture of their exact display case. We love putting customer’s direct quotes on our websites for you to read. There is nothing more honest and true than a customer’s comments.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Addison AL, Britt IA, Emporia VA, Hayward WI, Berkley MI

  • 36" Wall Hung Display Case

    This 36” Wall Hung Jewelry Display Case is perfect for displaying necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry. All of our case displays enhance the beauty of the product displayed inside as well as the appearance of the entire store. Using jewelry wall case displays in your store can help organize as well as keep product in its best shape.

    This wall display case is ideal for making use of what would otherwise be unused wall space.  The dimensions for this wall hanging display case are 36” X 10” X 32.75”. The features of this wall hung jewelry display case include a mirrored back, lockable doors, and three LED lights.  This hanging wall case is available in a wide variety of woods, stains, and finishes for a look that is new or to match the existing look of your store.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Alma NB, Canby OR, Kaycee WY, Warren PA, Hobart IN, Clyde OH

  • Contemporary Hexagon Display Tower with Storage

    Whether you are displaying magnets or movie memorabilia, silver pieces or souvenirs, the black hexagon tower with storage can display the product beautifully.  This unique display case can draw attention to whatever is displayed within, and has the versatility to be placed anywhere in a room.

    This black display case features two adjustable glass shelves, which means that merchandise can be switched, added or rearranged with ease. Options for lighting include: fluorescent, halogen, LED lights, or side lights.  This hexagon tower also has an 21” high base, including toe kick, a 5” high light box/ canopy, and a 47.5” high glass area.  The glass door has a keyed security lock and this display case also features a mirrored inner deck.  This unit includes storage and is 23.5” wide, 20” deep, and 74” high.  An extra shelf can also easily be added for your convenience.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Drew MS, Decatur IN, Krebs OK, Burlington NC, Waterville ME

  • Octagon Jewelry Showcase

    Jewelry is pretty and most pieces can be appealing to a particular customer with something particular in mind.  Stunning jewelry, however, should be shown off in a spectacular case.  So, when you have a special collection that deserves special attention, our octagon jewelry display case might be perfect for displaying jewelry, medals, or trophies. This distinctive display case will draw the attention of the customer to whatever is displayed inside.

    Some features of this octagonal display case include mirrored sliding glass doors with a keyed security lock for the safety of your products.  The locking doors are on sturdy metal runners.  Options for lighting include halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulbs.  Dimensions of this case are 60”wide, 22” deep, and 40” high. Storage is 28” high. Like all of our cases, this octagonal display case can be built in your choice of wood and your choice of stain to your liking.

    This jewelry display case is also available in a sit down jewelry octagon version with a bench.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Bonneau SC, Miami AZ, Lyons CO, Chester IL, Hobart IN

  • Classic Stretch Rectangle Display Tower with Storage

    People collect many things for many different reasons.  Perhaps a particular product brings to mind a favorite memory or the design or style of a particular era strikes your fancy, and products from that time period make you smile.  Whether you collect to display Venetian masks, coffee mugs or antique music boxes, or want to sell to people who do, our Classic Stretch Rectangle Display Tower with Storage might be just what you need to display that product beautifully, as well as add to the attractiveness of your store.

    This collector’s display case is 48” wide, 17” deep and 75” high.  Lighting options include halogen, fluorescent, or LED.  Features include a glass door with a lock, 17” deep adjustable glass shelves, and storage space in the lower cabinet to easily store and organize the extra product that you have.  As with all our display cases, this collector’s case is available in a wide variety of woods, stains and finishes for you to choose from.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Burns TN, Norton VA, Argo AL, Las Cruces NM, Lennox SD

  • Queen Anne 48” Wide Trophy Case

    Trophies and awards are a token of accomplishment and a source of pride for any school, business, or place of employment.  When they are spectacularly displayed in our Queen Anne 48” Wide Trophy case, how they appear can be a source of pride as well.  The standard size for this Queen Anne Display case is 76” high, 48” wide and 20” deep. The glass height is 47.5” tall and the legs are 12.5” tall.

    Top features of this case include optional top lights, optional side lights, and adjustable shelves. The back can come in matching wood, black/white hardboard, or mirror. The deck can be black/white hardboard, black/wide fabric, or mirror.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Kenton TN, Page AZ, Milan NM, Locust Grove OK, Halsey OR

  • Contemporary Octagon Counter Top Display Case

    If you have more products to display than floor space you want to occupy and want to leave the aisles of your store clear of clutter so that your customers can comfortably browse, the Contemporary Octagon Countertop Display Case might be the perfect case for you.  Whatever product you want to display in this countertop display case can be seen from eight skillfully finished sides.  Therefore, it is perfect for displaying smaller products such as magnets, pins, or figurines that have intricate detail. This black display case can be placed on top of any counter and can be made to match other case displays beautifully.  This black case is made from hardwood and is available in a variety of finishes.

    Features on this case include: lock, security hinges, tempered glass door, two adjustable glass shelves, a 4” high light box and a 23.5” high glass area.  Lighting options include a halogen, fluorescent, or LED light.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Arley AL, Wells NV, Manhattan MT, Sandy OR, Baggs WY

  • Hexagon Counter Top Display Case with a Glass Top

    Do you have items to display that are smaller in size that may get overwhelmed by a case that is too big?  Well, our Hexagon Counter Top Display Case with a Glass Top may pair with your product perfectly.  Everything from rings and earrings, to necklaces and sunglasses can be shown off in this countertop display case that is compact and attractive, and does not take up essential floor space.

    Features include a hardwood frame with security hinges, two adjustable glass shelves, and a lock.  The mirrored display base and the glass top allow the product inside to be seen from a variety of angles, accentuating detail and design.  This case is 17” deep, 20” wide and 24” high, with a glass area of 23.5”.  This hexagon display case can stand alone or be used in conjunction with another display case to show a similar product.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Dubois ID, Foster RI, Huron CA, Vergennes VT, Eden NY

  • Classic Full Vision Octagon Display Case

    When you are showcasing product from museum artifacts to model trains, swords to souvenirs, sometimes the product to be displayed requires extra space or room to spread out. If this describes your situation, the Classic Full Vision Octagon Display Case might be the solution to your problem. The unique shape of this horizontal display case will draw customers' eyes to see all product being displayed.

    The mirrored, sliding door feature on this full vision octagon case will enhance the detail of whatever is displayed inside. Two adjustable shelves allow for flexibility in presentation while the black velvet display area accentuates details of a special collection. Lighting options for this case include: full spectrum halogen, fluorescent, or LED.

    Standard widths for this display are 48", 60", and 72 ". Custom sizes are also available so just let us know!

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Bailey TX, Marlow NH, Danville VA, Finger TN, Red Bay AL, Providence RI

  • Queen Anne Full Vision Series

    Whether it is fine china, delicate crystal, porcelain figurines, or a unique collection of exquisite jewelry, a Queen Anne Display Case will add beauty and elegance to whatever is being displayed inside. The gentle curves and soft lines of the Queen Anne style add beauty and attractiveness to any product. Like all our other display cases, the Queen Anne Full Vision series can be customized with the wood, stain, and lighting of your choice to add style and sophistication to the look of your store.

    This stunning Queen Anne Full Vision display case is 40” high, 36” wide and 22” deep. The mirrored glass door can add dimension to any display and a keyed security lock will keep the product safe and protected. This Queen Anne case also features a white wood deck, two rows of adjustable glass shelves, and a lacquer finish. Optional halogen, LED, or fluorescent lights are available. Ball and claw feet may be added as well.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Edina MN, Saco ME, Donalds SC, Groton CN, St. Albans CT, Oil City PA

  • Black Hexagon Tower with Storage

    Whether you are displaying unique products in a boutique or an exhibit at a museum, the eyes of your guests and customers will be drawn to the distinctive shape of this Black Hexagon Tower with Storage, and then to what is being displayed inside. This black showcase features an 8” high base with toe kick, two glass adjustable shelves, and a mirrored inner deck. An extra shelf is available.

    The glass door with a keyed security lock protects the product in all situations. Lighting options include one fluorescent or halogen can light. LED side lights are also available.  The side light option includes one side light track in front with three mini spotlights. The storage available on this tower display case allows you organize your product and change the display often. This case has an 8” high base including toe kick, a 5” light box/canopy, and a 47.5” glass area. A glass top black hexagon display tower is also available.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Abbeville AL Auburndale FL Hardwick GA Dixon IL Frederick MD

  • Tower Display Cabinet

    Tower Display Cabinet

    Tower display cabinets from Display-Smart are perfect for displaying product in your store. We offer many shapes, sizes, and colors for tower displays. Our towers come in rectangular, octagonal, hexagonal, and flat back.

    A tower display cabinet will beautifully highlight any product. The height of tower display cases give off an elegant feel. Whether it is for your store, office, or home, the unique sizes, shapes, and colors we offer will make your product stand out.

    Tower display cabinets can be used for displaying absolutely anything. You can set them in the middle of a room, up against an empty wall, or cover up a corner. Displaycase-Smart tower displays will enhance the look of your product as well as your entire store!

    These beautiful contemporary or classic tower display cases are constructed of solid hardwoods and hardwood veneers. These tower display cabinets are available with or without crown molding. Our tower displays also come with or without locking storage as well. For safety and manageability, our glass shelves are tempered and adjustable. You can make room for any type of product.

    Track lighting is also an option in our tower displays. The lighting in each of towers only enhances the objects chosen to be displayed in them. Track lighting works well in our Corner Display Case, Black Rectangular Tower, and our Hexagon tower. Overhead puck lighting is available when indicated such as our Octagon Classic Tower with storage, 48” Stretch Collector’s Case, 41” Rectangular Tower Display, or our Queen Anne 36” Tower. You may choose fluorescent, halogen, or LED lighting options. Let us help you in deciding which option best suites your wants and needs.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Huntsville AL, Boulder City NV, Colorado Springs CO, Goodyear AZ, Hibbing MN, Norman OK, Peoria AZ

  • Sit Down Jewelry Display Cases

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Cases

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Case - OctagonDo you want your customers to feel relaxed enough to look at and try on several pieces of jewelry? Then a sit down jewelry display case is perfect for you. Just sitting down relaxes people a little bit and makes them feel like spending time looking and shopping. Visit Displaycase-Smart.com to see our selection of sit down jewelry showcases.
    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities: Raleigh NC, Miami FL, Cleveland OH, Tulsa OK, Oakland CA, Minneapolis MN, Wichita KS

  • Profitability in Display Cases

    How do you think of your retail display cases in your store? As an expenditure? Yes they are an expense - that can have a profitable ROI. Your store design and floor plan points to your display cases and your display cases point to and present your retail product.

    • Flexibility -Wood display cases are very flexible for a retail store design, as the design can change in a minor or major way over time, and the wood cabinets still look beautiful and help your product look how you want it to look. Display cases can be a proactive way to appeal to your customers and that appeal can lead to sales.

    • Environment - Wood display cases tend to project an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity; a feel-good atmosphere. You want your customers to feel relaxed enough to buy.

    • Space - Display cases come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to help maximize your retail space. They come in jewelry vision, full vision, extra vision, tower display cases, black museum style (360 degree view), Queen Anne, wall trophy cases, wall mounted and counter top cases. We can also customize the display case for you to match your space needs.

    • Security - Most display cases come with locks to protect your investment in product and the tempered glass protects your items from dust, dirt, fingerprints and UV light.

    • Materials and finish - The durability of a display cases depends largely upon the type of materials used. We offer a variety of woods, veneers, stains and lacquers with a durable clear coat finish to protect the surface for years.

    • Lights -
      We prefer the daylight color, lack of heat and longevity of the LED lights. Top puck lights, front strip lighting or side lights can come in LED, halogen, xenon, or florescent. Lighting done right to enhance the qualities of your product can really influence the decision to buy.

    How do you maximize your profitability using your retail product display cases?

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including - Columbus OH, Fort Worth TX, Charlotte NC, Detroit MI, El Paso TX, Memphis TN, Baltimore MD.

  • Wood and Glass Display Cases

    Wood and glass display caseWood and glass display cases provide the most versatile components for display cases. Wood display cases come in a wide variety of warm, strong grains and colors, add your choice of a variety of stains or colors and you can create or match any look for your store, business, church or home. A Queen Anne jewelry display case could be red oak stained Cordovan to create a Cherry wood finish. All of our display cases have a protective clear coat on the finish and quality wood craftsmanship creating an  investment that will last for years to come!

    The longevity of your display case is important, as is the flexibility to "change" with the times - whatever your choice of finish or color these cases lend themselves to a wide variety of environments so you can use the same jewelry cases whenever you redesign the look and feel of your theme, or change your featured retail product. What is your favorite wood finish and color?

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Sunnyvale (CA), Alexandria (VA), Mesquite (TX), Hampton (VA), Pasadena (CA), Orange (CA), Savannah (GA).

  • Contemporary 41" Rectangle Display Tower

    Museum Display Case with models

    This 41" black rectangle tower display case, that is finished beautifully on all sides, is perfect for presenting and protecting "Super Heroes" models. The black lends a stability and permanence to the value of the models and everyone can see that their honor is worth protecting! The 3 can lights at the top and the mini-spot lights on the sides are all LED lights, providing well balanced color and spot-on lighting. LED lights are cool and will not heat up or ruin any of the materials in the models or their costumes. This quality display case is sturdy and affordable. It comes standard with a mirrored inner deck, 3 adjustable glass shelves and a 59.5" high glass viewing area, and can be purchased with a lightbox or a glass top.

    This handsome display showcase has enhanced the interiors of museums, libraries, retail stores, gift shops, corporate offices and residential homes. It's simple yet striking features offer a presentation platform that is highly adaptable to a wide number of environments and a wide variety of items. Among the items these cases have promoted are jewelry, small antiques, eye-wear, collectibles, models, miniatures, valuable books and minerals. Just let your imagination go and this display case will carry it for you.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Pasadena, (TX), Joliet (IL), Paterson (NJ), Kansas City (KS), Torrance (CA), Syracuse (NY), Bridgeport (CN)

  • Smart Decisions

    How do you make a smart decision when buying jewelry display cases?

    White Queen Anne Jewelry Display Case

    Making a smart decision implies that you are making an educated decision. Before you buy a display case you can make a list of questions pertinent to you.

    1. What environment is the case going to be a part of?

    2. What type of lighting do you have?

    3. What type of lighting would you like in the display case to best present your items?

    4. What color or wood would you like your display case to be?

    5. What ROI (return on investment) are you hoping to get with the addition of the case(s)?

    6. Will the items inside the case be special items, or items with a seasonal emphasis?

    The more questions you can come up with ahead of time the more information you can gather before you decide to buy. If you have any questions while visiting the Display-Smart.com website, please call 800-843-1870 or go to the Contact Us page.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Brownsville (TX), Jackson (MS), Overland Park (KS), Garden Grove (CA), Santa Rosa (CA), Chattanooga (TN), Oceanside (CA)

  • Focal Points

    Pedestal Jewelry Display Case

    Holidays or special occasions create a special focus for sales, and they create a flurry of activity that needs a focal point.  Focal points mean good merchandising.   There are numerous ways to attract attention to merchandise or valuable objects in your display case, here are some basic categories.

    • The design and layout of the store or display area can create a path to your special merchandise.
    • The store lighting – again a path to merchandise as well as creating a comfortable feel to the location.
    • The display case can draw in attention to its contents.
    • The jewelry case lighting can generate an exciting or exquisite look.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities – Glendale (CA), Amarillo (TX), Huntington Beach (CA), Columbus (GA), Grand Rapids (MI), Salt Lake City (UT), Tallahassee (FL)

  • Lighting Options

    Any display showcase with the right lighting options and product arrangement can look elegant and attractive. You can increase the  effect you are looking for with a hexagonal, octagonal, horizontal, tower or Queen Anne style display case.   Do you want to bring out texture, multiple surfaces, dimensions of your product to give an almost tactile response? Do you want color, light and contrast to create a more visually engaging experience for your customers? If you have questions about which lighting to use for your display case or showcase please call Display-Smart 888-843-1870.

    To improve the visual merchandising of your product you can use a glass top to maximize the existing or ambient lighting, or you can use fluorescent, halogen or LED lighting to create the effect that you want.  Many display showcases come with puck lighting, or you can add track lighting for each shelf display. You may want lighting that can be flexible enough to handle merchandise rearrangement or accent new product.

    • Our tower showcases, countertop display cases, museum style and collectibles showcases are offered with a top light box or with a clear glass top to optimize existing lighting.
    • Lighting- 3 50 watt halogen top lights included (side track lights are additional)
    • “L” designates puck lighting included in price.
    • Presenting your merchandise requires adequate lighting and lighting of the right color. White LED lights are bright, do an excellent job of illuminating, and will not change the color of the item. LED lights emit very little heat compared to other types of bulbs, and they have a very long life span.
    • We offer LED puck lights and LED mini spot lights to place light where needed most.
    • Mirrored backs or bottoms can offer additional light control.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Baton Rouge (LA), Durham (NC), Garland (TX), Glendale (AZ), Reno (NV), Hialeah (FL), Chesapeake (VA)

  • 4 Types of Edge Materials Used on Fixtures

    Edge banded partsDifferent types of edge materials are used for showcases, display cases and store fixtures.  Below are some materials that are used depending upon the application.

    1.  PVC edgebanding: This comes in thicknesses of .02" (.5mm), 2mm, and up to .125" (3 mm). It is the most widely used edge treatment. It gets applied using an edgebander machine. This can be applied on both straight and rounded edges.   Edge banding can be printed in the same colors as laminates for a close match.

    2.  T-mold or T-mould: This comes in different thicknesses and shapes. The edge of the board is slotted and the product is pounded into place using an air hammer. This is a good application for boards with rounded corners. There is a limited amount of woodgrain colors and even solid colors compared to PVC edgebanding.

    3.  Self edge: Strips of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) get applied to the edge using an edgebander machine.

    4.  Post-formed edge: The laminate on the top surface is wrapped around the edge. It is used on most kitchen counter tops and higher-end desks and some retail work surfaces.  To be able to wrap the edges the laminate is thinner than regular High Pressure Laminate.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Plano (TX), Lincoln (NB), Henderson (NV), Fort Wayne (IN), Jersey City (NJ), Saint Petersburg (FL), Chula Vista (CA)

  • Glass Display Cases

    Showing your products is very important to attract people to buy your products. If you own a store or you are in need of something to use for showing your products we will offer you the best Glass Display Cases for your needs. Our designs will be ideal for jewelry, collectibles, art, clothing, eyewear  and other products that you may have. We have designs that vary accordingly making sure that you are able to find a display that is well suited for your need. With us you will also find the right price that you can afford. Glass display cases offer you clarity that will show your customers products that look beautiful and engaging.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Long Beach (CA), Kansas City (KS), Mesa (AZ), Virginia Beach (VA), Atlanta (GA), Colorado Springs (CO), Omaha (NB)

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