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  • 72" Horizontal Library Display Case

    A horizontal display case is great for libraries, schools, and stores to display any type of product or awards inside. This 72" horizontal library display case has sliding doors on both sides for easy access to the inside of the case. The overall dimensions for this case are 72" X 36" X 42". An LED bar light is available in this display case in order to highlight your product inside. The apron has a slight curve on all sides of the case for an attractive, modern look. This case shown is built in Red Oak and is finished in the free clear coat finish that we put on all of our display cases to ensure protection for years to come.

    Display-Smart ships products nationwide including the following cities: Oshkosh WI, Evansville IN, Aspen CO, Lake Charles LA, Montgomery AL

  • Black Queen Anne Jewelry with Pullout Drawers

    This Black Queen Anne Jewelry with Pullout Drawers is a customized horizontal jewelry display case with pull-out drawers in the front of the case. There are two main drawers for displaying product as well as two smaller drawers underneath for storage. Available standard widths for this Queen Anne Jewelry Case are 60" and 72". This case is 22" deep and 40" high. An LED bar light is available in this horizontal display case. The unique curved legs that a Queen Anne display case has adds elegance and beauty to the whole display. Ball and claw legs are optional as well. The specific case shown has cherry wood on the inside and is finished with black lacquer on the outside of the case. We offer multiple wood and finish options that you can view on our finishes page.

    Display-Smart ships nationwide including the following cities: Tampa FL, Bozeman MT, Reno NV, Tempe AZ, Monowi NE

  • Black Rectangular Counter Top Display Case

    The Black Rectangular Counter Top Display Case will add a contemporary look to your most attractive product.  Because this counter top display looks fabulous sitting on a typical counter or on top of another display case, you can use it to showcase a product that calls for special attention, making it a wonderful display case for coins, a display case for fossils, or a display case for music boxes.

    This black counter top display case has a 4” high light box/canopy and measures 18” x 11” x 29”.  The 23.5” display area and two adjustable glass shelves mean that displays of many shapes and sizes will look great.

    Lighting options on this black jewelry display case are one fluorescent or halogen top light or an LED light.  A mirrored, black, or white inner deck means that no detail of the product will be overlooked, and a glass door with a keyed security lock ensures easy access to the product, as well as added security.

    All the cases sold at Display-Smart have a clear coat finish, provided at no additional cost to you.  This clear coat finish will help to keep this black counter top jewelry display case looking nice for years to come.

    Display-Smart ships cases nationwide including to the following cities: Nassau NY, Milton DE, Kennesaw GA, Old Town ME, and El Dorado Hills CA.

  • Octagon Counter Top Display Case

    The Octagon Counter Top Display Case is a unique jewelry display case that can set a certain type of product apart from all the rest, making it a perfect display case for watches, a display case for earrings, or a display case for lapel pins.

    This glass case for display is 20” wide x 17” deep x 29” high and has a 23.5” display area, ideal for displaying smaller product in all of their detail.  This jewelry display case can work well on its own or placed on top of another display case.  One fluorescent or one halogen top light, or LED lights are in this small display case, to illuminate your product so that customers see and admire detail.  Two adjustable tempered glass shelves can accommodate displays that are tall or bulky.

    We can customize this retail counter top display case to create any look that you want, as you get to choose the wood, stain and lighting that would work best in your store.  Please see our finishes page for more detail.

    Display-Smart ships cases nationwide including to the following cities: Hampden ND, Kingston PA, Harrisville RI, Edison NJ, and Berlin NH.

  • Contemporary Full Vision Octagon Display Case

    The unique octagon design of this Contemporary Full Vision Octagon Display will add style to your store as well as make it possible for you to showcase larger products that take up a lot of space. This jewelry display case is a perfect display case for vases, a display case for fishing rods, or a display case for swords.

    This large display cabinet measures 60” wide x 22” deep x 38” high. The sliding doors with a lock have top quality runners and doors. The two adjustable glass shelves can easily be removed to accommodate displays that are very tall.

    Lighting on this octagon full vision case may be ordered with fluorescent or LED lights. Storage makes keeping current and future items to display organized and all in one place.

    This contemporary octagon jewelry display case can be made to match the current look of your store. You can select the wood, stain and lighting to add to the current design of your store or to create a look that is brand new. Our finishes page will explain all of your options in more detail. A clear coat finish comes with every case we sell at Display-Smart at no additional cost to you.

    Display-Smart ships nationwide including to the following cities: Waterbury VT, Merton WI, Homecroft IN, Upton KY, and Tiffin OH.

  • Sit Down Jewelry Display Cases

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Cases

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Case - OctagonDo you want your customers to feel relaxed enough to look at and try on several pieces of jewelry? Then a sit down jewelry display case is perfect for you. Just sitting down relaxes people a little bit and makes them feel like spending time looking and shopping. Visit Displaycase-Smart.com to see our selection of sit down jewelry showcases.
    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities: Raleigh NC, Miami FL, Cleveland OH, Tulsa OK, Oakland CA, Minneapolis MN, Wichita KS

  • Profitability in Display Cases

    How do you think of your retail display cases in your store? As an expenditure? Yes they are an expense - that can have a profitable ROI. Your store design and floor plan points to your display cases and your display cases point to and present your retail product.

    • Flexibility -Wood display cases are very flexible for a retail store design, as the design can change in a minor or major way over time, and the wood cabinets still look beautiful and help your product look how you want it to look. Display cases can be a proactive way to appeal to your customers and that appeal can lead to sales.

    • Environment - Wood display cases tend to project an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity; a feel-good atmosphere. You want your customers to feel relaxed enough to buy.

    • Space - Display cases come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to help maximize your retail space. They come in jewelry vision, full vision, extra vision, tower display cases, black museum style (360 degree view), Queen Anne, wall trophy cases, wall mounted and counter top cases. We can also customize the display case for you to match your space needs.

    • Security - Most display cases come with locks to protect your investment in product and the tempered glass protects your items from dust, dirt, fingerprints and UV light.

    • Materials and finish - The durability of a display cases depends largely upon the type of materials used. We offer a variety of woods, veneers, stains and lacquers with a durable clear coat finish to protect the surface for years.

    • Lights -
      We prefer the daylight color, lack of heat and longevity of the LED lights. Top puck lights, front strip lighting or side lights can come in LED, halogen, xenon, or florescent. Lighting done right to enhance the qualities of your product can really influence the decision to buy.

    How do you maximize your profitability using your retail product display cases?

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including - Columbus OH, Fort Worth TX, Charlotte NC, Detroit MI, El Paso TX, Memphis TN, Baltimore MD.

  • Contemporary 41" Rectangle Display Tower

    Museum Display Case with models

    This 41" black rectangle tower display case, that is finished beautifully on all sides, is perfect for presenting and protecting "Super Heroes" models. The black lends a stability and permanence to the value of the models and everyone can see that their honor is worth protecting! The 3 can lights at the top and the mini-spot lights on the sides are all LED lights, providing well balanced color and spot-on lighting. LED lights are cool and will not heat up or ruin any of the materials in the models or their costumes. This quality display case is sturdy and affordable. It comes standard with a mirrored inner deck, 3 adjustable glass shelves and a 59.5" high glass viewing area, and can be purchased with a lightbox or a glass top.

    This handsome display showcase has enhanced the interiors of museums, libraries, retail stores, gift shops, corporate offices and residential homes. It's simple yet striking features offer a presentation platform that is highly adaptable to a wide number of environments and a wide variety of items. Among the items these cases have promoted are jewelry, small antiques, eye-wear, collectibles, models, miniatures, valuable books and minerals. Just let your imagination go and this display case will carry it for you.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - Pasadena, (TX), Joliet (IL), Paterson (NJ), Kansas City (KS), Torrance (CA), Syracuse (NY), Bridgeport (CN)

  • Jewelry Vision Display Cases

    Sit Down Jewelry Display CaseContemporary Jewelry vision sit-down Display Case display cases provide multiple viewpoint angles for your customer: front, top and sideways. These jewelry display cases will highlight your jewelry at a comfortable height as well. If you add LED lights at the front of the display case you will bring out the sparkle in the jewelry presented. When you bring jewelry out for the customer to see more closely and to try on they will be delighted to have an even closer view of the jewelry, so be sure to have adequate room lighting. Allow them to embellish their mind's eye vision of a beautiful piece of jewelry with your pieces of jewelry!

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities -  Springfield (MA), Elk Grove (CA), Rockford (IL), Palmdale (CA), Corona (CA), Salinas (CA), Pomona (CA).

  • Focal Points

    Pedestal Jewelry Display Case

    Holidays or special occasions create a special focus for sales, and they create a flurry of activity that needs a focal point.  Focal points mean good merchandising.   There are numerous ways to attract attention to merchandise or valuable objects in your display case, here are some basic categories.

    • The design and layout of the store or display area can create a path to your special merchandise.
    • The store lighting – again a path to merchandise as well as creating a comfortable feel to the location.
    • The display case can draw in attention to its contents.
    • The jewelry case lighting can generate an exciting or exquisite look.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities – Glendale (CA), Amarillo (TX), Huntington Beach (CA), Columbus (GA), Grand Rapids (MI), Salt Lake City (UT), Tallahassee (FL)

  • LED Lighting

    LED lighting for Display Cases

    LED TubeAn LED track system is the perfect answer for applications demanding compact track lighting and fine visual styling.  The spotlights are designed to be as discrete as possible while still dissipating heat from the light source. The a track system is perfect for display case lighting and museum lighting.  Their ultra-compact design and lack of UV radiation is a perfect solution for museum display lighting.

    LED lighting is being manufactured in increasingly flexible designs such as light bars, strip lights or puck lights, for display case or showcase lighting in retail, residential, commercial or industrial applications. With the growing use and popularity of LED lighting the price is coming down and of course there is a big savings in the cost of ownership as the lights last years rather than months.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - San Bernardino (CA), Spokane (WA), Gilbert (AZ) Arlington (VA), Montgomery (AL), Boise (ID), Richmond (VA).

  • Wide Variety of Jewelry Display Cases

    Display-Smart can build Jewelry display cases in a variety of configurations:

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Case – Rectangle

    Sit Down Jewelry Display Case – Octagon

    Horizontal Jewelry Display Case with Storage - Rectangle

    Horizontal Jewelry Display Case with Storage – Octagon

    Horizontal Jewelry Display Case with straight legs

    Queen Anne Jewelry Display Case – Cordovan Cherry Stain

    Queen Anne Jewelry Display Case – Black

    Pedestal Jewelry Display Case – Square Glass on Glass

    Pedestal Jewelry Display Case – Mushroom style

    Any of our display cases can be stained with a custom stain to match your existing display cases and showcases.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities: Santa Ana (CA), Saint Louis (MO), Pittsburgh (PA), Corpus Christi (TX), Riverside (CA), Cincinnati (OH), Lexington (KY)

  • Jewelry Display Cases

    Jewelry Display CaseJewelry display cases are perfect for displaying beautiful jewelry collections. Many jewelry showcases have a certain charm unmatched by other store display showcases because they have classic tall bases that add that touch of class in a jewelry store. They can bring elegance to the most ordinary of offices, corridor, mall kiosk, jewelry store and museum or retail store. The right jewelry display case not only show off the beauty of a piece, but keeps it clean and secure as well. The display area of these jewelry display cases is right on top so it gives your customers a great view of your jewels. Browse around and choose the jewelry display case that fits your needs.

    If you want to impress the customers that are visiting your shop, you need to place your products in quality jewelry display cases. Displaycase-Smart is offering a variety of jewelry display cases that will add style and elegance to your store. You can check out the different jewelry showcases that we are offering in our online catalogue. Don't settle for less: it's possible to find affordable and high-quality jewelry display cases at Displaycase-Smart. Don't forget that the presentation of your products is the key to your success as a jeweler. The best way to achieve that is by placing your products in nice jewelry display cases with appropriate lighting, which will enhance the beauty of your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches.

    Display-Smart ships product nationwide including the following cities - San Diego (CA), Dallas (TX), San Jose (CA), Jacksonville (FL), Indianapololis (IN), San Francisco (CA), Austin (TX)

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