When To Start Purchasing Display Cases

I have enjoyed being in the the display industry for over 40 years.  One of the things that makes it difficult for us as a manufacturer and in turn difficult for our clients is not planning enough time to design and build the display cases to have them in-store for that important store opening or event.

Below is a chart that may help you in your planning.  All of our cases are custom built to your specifications, of size, wood, lights and design.  Depending upon the quantity of cases involved and if they are totally custom or some of our Pre-Designed cases we many need 4-12 weeks to design and built the cases.  We have three factories, West Coast, Mid-West and East Coast to cut down shipping time but it still may take a week to ship the case(s) depending on your location.

Display Case Timeline
The chart  shows indicated 1 week of design time in Dark Blue.

The Gold bar indicates the time it takes to build the case or cases and the Light Blue bar represents the potential time to ship the case to your location.
As an example if you are wanting to have your cases arrive for an opening before Thanksgiving you would want to place your order toward the end of July to the first of August.  Be sure to plan a little extra time for setting up the displays with product before your big opening.
We know it is not always possible to plan far enough ahead and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.  However, knowing how long it normally takes to design and produce display cases can take the stress out of planning for a smooth opening.
I hope we can be of help to you as you plan your new store opening or remodel.  We can manufacture 1 case or fixture a full store.

Please check out examples of multiple display cases we have designed on our custom case design page

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