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Pre-Designed cases are trusted engineered designs proven at retail. Choose from our many options to obtain the look you want. You can buy one case or enough to outfit your entire store.

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We can custom design cases for you, match your current cases or modify a Pre-Designed case for a unique look. Check out several examples of what we have done and submit instructions for a quote on your future display cases.


We offer store layout design services so you can visualize your store in real-scale 3D renderings. We work with you closely to make sure every showcase need is met using our years of experience in providing the best in presentation environments.

We understand that is important for jewelry stores to have display cases that will catch and keep the customers eye amid the rest of the environment, whether the rest of the store is more jewelry or other types of merchandise. All of our display cases are locking display cases so you can be sure your valuables are safe. The accurate construction of each case provides an environment inside the case that keeps out dust, humidity and liquids. All showcases have a high quality clear coat to protect your investment. Perhaps a Queen Anne wood display case will have the elegance to show off your jewelry, or a lighted display case, or both combined. There is always an option to light the jewelry display case and the lighting can bring out the best and the brightest in your jewelry.

We will help you with the selection of the right style and type of case to display your product. A glass display case can be viewed from different angles or from all sides, the more angles to show off your jewelry and engage the customer the better.

Modifications to an existing design or creating a custom design are quickly produced. Work directly with our senior designer to start envisioning your retail store through 3D models.